30 Jul 2012

9 Jul 2012

'Animalbum' Exhibition at Golden Hare

'Animalbum' is exhibiting right now at Golden Hare Books Edinburgh.

1st July - 1st August 2012
Golden Hare Books
102 West Bow, Grassmarket, Edinburgh, UK

for more info please visit golden hare books blog.

7 Jul 2012

[Animalbum] Laird MacAvoy’s return from the Second Boer War

War turnt Death intae wur mistress and us tae blind weans. This wealth we’d been fighting fir was cried “common” by name, sic a name wi which we’d tramp life tae the ground. The life o’ anither. Aye. Or so Ah gied masel tae ken. Sure, Ah managed tae haud masel thegither. Tae whit cost? Ma soul being aw cowped up fae me. Ah kent ma commandments: Leuk, but dinny see. See, but dinny feel. Feel, but n’er let oan.

Writers: L Haiman and Katie Craig

4 Jul 2012

[Animalbum] Princess Marie of Edinburgh

Drawing portraits of royalty makes an artist feel like an angel. One that’s having tea with God. Etiquette is of utmost importance: carefully weigh your smiles, your words, your brush strokes. Missy was only a princess at the time. Beautifully young and unawarely Serene she bowed the first time we met – a short, acknowledging kind of bow. “You are the artist,” she said. “Then make me your art,” a playful smile stretching across her face. It was the smile of a princess, but she had the eyes of a Queen. One I could have drawn till the end of time.  

Writer: L Haiman