19 Nov 2009

7 Oct 2009

roslyn chapel

illustration exhibition at WIRE Tainan

20 May - 20 July 2009

at WIRE Tainan Taiwan.

The Funeral

named by mimiko

The Sweater

If you want to destroy my sweater,
Hold this thread as I walk away,
Watch me unravel, I'll soon be naked.
by: Weezer (the sweater song)

book cover for mimiko's 綠豆椪的偏見

author: Mimiko
publisher: Reading Times. feb 2009

2008/8/01 No.007 Ming Pao Weekly


words: Sky Dai / illustration: Via Fang

1-1. Shoegazing is from England.
1-2. Just plug in the guitar.
1-3. Gazing your own shoes while playing.
1-4. It’s like the whole world is on your shoes, you can run away from anything. It’s shoegazing.

2-1. These are pedals often used by shoegazing bands.
2-2. It’s always played extremely loud.
2-3. So when you play guitar like this…
2-4. The feedback sounds BANG BANG BANG CHOO CHOO CHOO!!!!!!!!!!

published by White Wabbit Records. May 2008

Richard Ashcroft